Our Story

As a consumer I'm sure you see Andrews Lawn Care as another small business in a big world. ALC is much more than it portrays on the surface. We are a company that is about more than just doing the work and collecting the check. We are a small business out to make a big difference through excellence and authenticity of workmanship and quality of service.

The ALC Family

ALC is a family run business. Our last name is Hoheisel. We have 3 wonderful children. Alex, who is also our business partner, is 21 years old. Christian is 19 years old and the comedian of the family. Lilia, who is 17 years old, and our beautiful animal lover, who wants to become a veterinarian when she is older. Family and connection is a big deal to us. We value family togetherness and love to support each other as we pursue our dreams and desires.

About Tyson, Andrea, and Alex:

We grew up in the lawn care business. Andrea's father purchased a lawn care business almost 20 years ago and we have been working with him for over 16 of those years. Alex, our son, started working with him at the age of 13 and currently has 8 years of experience himself, at the young age of 21. Tyson is also a licensed general contractor. He has been working in the field of construction, lawn care and remodeling for over 20 years himself. With the combination of home remodeling, renovation, and construction combined with landscape design, lawn care and maintenance, we can offer a variety of services for our clients. 

Our Desire 

For years we have enjoyed driving around and looking at the beauty that many people offer in their yards landscape. We love to drive around and "lawn-scope," as we call it. We were raised learning the value and importance of serving others and serving the community. Our desire is to see our city come alive with beauty, hope and peace. Providing lawn care service is part of seeing that beauty spread throughout our city, so that others can enjoy driving around and "lawn-scoping." We believe that caring for others is one way to share that beauty, so that their lawn may be one that people drive around and gaze (lawn-scope)at.