Welcome To Andrews Lawn Care:

Serving Redding and the surrounding areas.

Products and services that we offer at Andrews Lawn Care are essential to the livelihood of your property and help you from needing to start over. We are prepared to take on almost any problems that may come up in Lawn Care. Trouble areas caused by soil compaction or undernourishment? We have Aeration. Having trouble finding the cause of the dwindling health of your lawn? No Problem, we come to your property prepared with the tools for a complete Lawn Analysis. That's just a good start. If you have any questions feel free to contact or call us at anytime: 530-255-4368.


Lawn Care

We are up to and ready for the task of being your full maintenance provider. However if all you need is a  company to mow your lawn we are happy to customize our services to fit your needs.
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Core Aeration

Core Aeration is hands down one of the most essential practices and best Kept Secret of Lawn Care. There is a Reason that Golf courses practice this twice a year: "Because it works."
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Lawn Analysis

A Lawn Analysis by Andrews Lawn Care is a Written Detailed report about the status and potential health of your lawn. From specific measurements of ph levels of your soil to moisture levels...

Shrub & Tree Trimming

Andrews Lawn Care understands that having a beautiful lawn is only half the challenge. Leave the constant maintenance of your shrubs and trees to us.
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Fertilization & Weed Control

Our fertilization program is an 8 treatment Service that fights and terminates those challenging weeds in your lawn to get a beautiful lawn year round. If it takes over 6 treatments the additional treatments are on us.
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Community Lawn Care

At Andrews Lawn Care, we want to grow our business as you and your neighborhood grows together. We have a plan for all of us to "win" at the same time...
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